One of the only bank sponsored and regulatory approved card present pin based debit solutions.


• Unique MID for each location.

• EMV ready terminals.

• No Chargeback threshold.

• Least cost routing.

• Accept EBT.

• Reduce PCI scope.


• Having a unique MID allows for more specific and accurate reporting. In addition, this helps keep you compliant with network rules and regulations. Other companies may have one MID for multiple locations causing confusion with the reporting and reconciliation.

• Per network rules and regulations card present transactions must be swiped or inserted. This also decreases chargebacks with EMV transactions being swiped and or inserted.

• Unlike traditional credit transactions, our debit solution is considered one of the safest transaction types. This can help decrease fraud and chargebacks

• We help save the merchants money by running on the least cost routing solution as a swipe transaction vs. keyed transactions which does not have the ability to run on least cost routing. Grow your business by accepting EBT with its low interchange cost.

• Reduce your PCI scope by keeping yourself free of any card data or keyed card numbers.